sex, love and sadness


If only everything we experienced made sense. If only sex was simple, of course we want it to feel good, be varied and diverse, but who knew how complicated it would be? How low it could make us feel in comparison to how great and how amazing it could appear when it went well.

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The show revolves around Seattle native Thamiani Nakache.

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Love is another odd barrier we have to deal with and overcome. We all know it makes no sense.

Telepopmusik's "Love Can Damage Your Health" put it simply and perfectly within it's title. It definitely affects us all in ways we often can't describe.

We feel it for friends, family members and more curiously, people completely disconnected from ourselves. There are feelings which we have grow towards celebrities and our love for our partners, our companions, people we get to know and grow with.


If you're curious about the tone of the film, or wish to listen to some of the songs which inspired the writing of the film, check out "Lost Without U" by Robin Thicke, "Married With Children" by Oasis and Cody Chesnutt's "If We Don't Disagree"

This film is currently in pre-production. Please check back frequently for updates.


Then of course there's the sadness factor, the feeling that we've done wrong or have been wronged. Why does human emotion work so strongly against us? We're never really in control. Or are we?

Often we have problems getting over an ex, a previous partner, an old flame... So how does it make sense when we don't feel any disconnection from selected people?

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